Monday, November 1, 2010

We always dress this cool!

Considering we celebrated Halloween at a local fall festival on Saturday, our Steppin' Out pic will be quite monumental!

Pink sparkly shoes from Walmart (you've seen them before)
Elephant costume from Target (she was "Ansley hears a Who," but her fluff ball didn't seem to make it in the picture)
and the two constants, Binki, Mam pacifier from Walmart, with Playtex Binki clip
and Bear, a "Baby's first Christmas" lovie from K-Mart

Black with white polka dot leggings, Walmart
Knock-off Converse, also from Walmart
Jean mini skirt, ages old, originally from Goody's (Can you believe it! I am able to fit in it again! A little pick-me up that day)
Ghostbusters shirt, Walmart (I needed a costume, quick. Seeing as we don't have a Target closer than 45 minutes away, we have to deal with Walmart. Bleh.)
FAVORITE sunglasses, Old Navy

Special thanks to a bestie who snapped the photo. I didn't manage to take a single picture of the kiddo in her costume all day. I actually had to work the costume contest for the festival, so soon after this pic, Ansley was handed off to the Nana for her first round of Trick or Treating, resulting in a surprising amount of candy (which was then distributed to the 4 Trick or Treaters that left the festival with gobs and candy and came to my house and rang my doorbell DESPITE my porch and lamp post lights being off. Grr. I should have let them put Ansley back to sleep.)

1 comment:

  1. a great pic. ansley hears a who is hysterial - very creative. love it!
    (also secretly coveting your sunnies, lady!)
    Ava also did hallowe'en in style!