Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I need help

In many ways.

So, you know how I won the MBS gift certificate? I have NO idea which picture to use, and even where to put it. I seriously want your help.

This post will include some possible photo options and locations for the artwork.  I need you to leave me a comment telling me how to decorate my house.

This isn't, but it is an opportunity for you to make a difference which doesn't involve voting if a couple should keep or terminate their pregnancy.

These are the locations:

Excuse the laundry basket to the right. This is the living room. That photo above the fireplace? Yeah, it was  a last minute purchase before a Christmas party a few years ago.  It's not my fav, but it does what it is supposed to do: take up space.

This is the long, sad hallway leading to Ansley's room. It needs something.  My concern with putting MB here? It won't be seen and oogled over enough.

This is a spot in the dining room. It needed something, so I grabbed these little plaques, but they are so small, they kinda look lost in the mix.

Still in the dining room, but should I move my bridal portrait?

Another spot in the dining room. However, this spot is not visible from the living room. It does have some great lighting though.
 So, those are the possible locations. By default, I'm leaning toward over the fireplace in the living room, but think that would require a larger piece than the hubs may be willing to help pay for.

Now, the so-stinkin'-hard-I-actually-lost-sleep-last-night difficult part.  The picture.

A beautiful shot from our wedding. Except, hubs has a new ring now.

A classic pic of my 3-week-old. My concern with having a pic of  Ansley is that I'll have to get one for each kiddo. Which,  I'm ok with.

Ahh, me and the hubs.

This one is kinda fun

Classic pic on the beaches of Puerto Rico

I simply love this picture.

Hmm. Maybe I don't like this one afterall.

If I pick a holiday specific picture, would it be ok to display it around the year?

Yum. Flower.

Beautiful picture, but nothing in my house is beachy.

Same concern about being season specific.

I like this, but don't like the carseat in the background.

So, do you see my problem??  Please, suggest a picture. Make this easy for me. I wish I had a beautiful picture of mother/daughter, but I just don't. I don't like to be in pictures, and I'm beginning to realize that is a sad thing.

So, help me. Leave me a comment. Give me advice. Tell me I'm a meany for not having a beautiful print made for my parents. Just tell me which picture I should use!


  1. My thoughts, no penny required. I vote for the spot in the dining room visible from the living room. As far as the picture... either the picture from your wedding (I don't think the ring thing is a big deal b/c you were capturing that day. Lots of things are different now) or the 3 wk. pic of Ansley. Yep. That's what I think. :)

  2. I really like the rose picture or you and Paul at the beach. I would't do a season one. However, if you want a new one; I would be happy to come take some for you.
    And, I agree with April about the dining room wall visible from the living room.

  3. I think you should go with the wedding ring /dress is breath-taking. And it is the sentiment and meaning behind it that count! You can always put a few family pics up in the hallway yo Ansleys room! For the wedding pic i vote either above fireplace or in dining room, but you have to decide if you want 2 wedding pics in there. Just my thoughts...

  4. Thanks girls! I can't do anything on my own!