Friday, November 19, 2010

Why the lists, yo?

When I'm frantically trying to calm the kiddo and clean the house and meet deadlines and just plain survive, I choose to write lists.

And, most times, it's pretty simple. I pick a topic, and just let the stream of consciousness flow.  When it takes a little bit for another thing to come to mind, I end my list.

Which also means I just write. I don't tend to censor my thoughts. Which, can give you an honest look at the way my brain works, but maybe not an honest look at me. It also means that things are listed in no particular order, so if the hubs or kiddo happens to be not at the top, don't be a judger, m'kay?

So, as lists pop up, read away. But don't take any of it personally. Because chances are, I may not even remember I posted it.

Needing a post idea? Try making a list. It can be anything from a favorite food, to movies you couldn't live without (hmm. I may save that one for a rainy day!)  Just pick a topic and write.  Not only will it allow others to get to know you better, but you may learn something new about yourself!

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