Thursday, November 18, 2010


...I'm proud of

My father and mother, Dad, for being the strength of our family, Mom, for teaching me the in-and-outs of mommyhood, and both of them for sticking with the other for almost 28 years now.
My sister, Crystal, for bucking the system and moving to a new place-across the country- with her hubs.
My other sis, Brandy, for working so hard and putting up with her husband :o)
My brother, for managing a job and school, and for always being willing to help out at home.
My husband, for working his butt off so me and the kiddo can have it pretty easy
My grandfather, for putting his life on the line and fighting for his country during WWII, and my grandmother, for supporting him from home
All those who serve our country in uniform: Soldiers, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, and those that support them at home
Volunteers at our office (even if they do occasionally sing Evanesence at the top of their lungs while sorting baby clothes)
People who break the cycle, and become more than what they came from
Parents of multiples
My bestie, for being willing to work multiple jobs to score an awesome camera (rather than putting it on plastic like I did with mine)
Another bestie, for patiently learning the ropes of having a nicu babe
Moms who finally make it our of the tunnel that is PPD
My in-laws, for raising such a wonderful son
Teenagers who encourage a handicapped kid to participate during class

... I'm not proud of
Lil' Wayne, because he is destroying our youth. Sorry to be a hater.
Cheaters (any kind- academic, political, personal)
Men who run away from the responsibilities of being a father
People who promise funding for 5 years and then withdraw it 3 years early
People who abuse animals
Teachers who are happy with tenure and don't care to teach
The creators and writers of "Family Guy"
People who don't own up to mistakes
Women who fall for any bum on the street because of "love," sacrificing all that is good for them
Teenagers who bully those who are different

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