Thursday, May 26, 2011

Captain Obvious

I'm doing dishes the other evening, when I notice the hubs has left his chewing gum stuck to his plate. I decide to leave the treasure on the plate for him to deal with later.

He gets home from class, and notices there are a few dishes in the sink. Mostly just a mixing bowl from the awesome chocolate chip banana bread I made (that is for another post and time. Just know that it was a little slice of heaven with some extra chocolate chips thrown in).

The hubs decides to wait to do the dishes until the next morning.

::Fast forward about 7 hours::

Hubs (almost accusative): Hey, babe? Why is there chewing gum stuck to a plate in the sink?
Me: Because you left it on your plate after dinner and rushed off to class.
Hubs: Oh, well, I, um... guess that's why then.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Steps in the right direction

Today was day 3.

The third day that binkie, aka the paci, was left in Ansley's bed when she woke up.

I've heard mixed opinions. My moms have told me that she's fine, she's still a baby. But the glances I get from people in the grocery store say otherwise.

Yes, my child is in the mid 90% for height, and upper 80s for weight. She doesn't looks like she should be turning 3 instead of 2... in 4 months non the less.

So, no, you aren't seeing a pre-k kid with a paci. And her teeth are fine. And she talks all.the.time.

But, nonetheless, we decided to phase out the binkie. So far, so good. Today, she didn't even ask for it! And we've been binkie free since saturday. With the exception of a few hours this morning because the hubs had to work a double last night and decided it was necessary for him to catch a cat nap on the couch while the kiddo played "box" (or, blocks. whatev.)

I guess I've been stalling because I honestly can't believe that in 4 short months, she will be 2. That means its time for me to stop keeping her age in months. It's time to potty train. It's time to transition to a toddler bed. It's time... to take deep breaths...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


That's a pretty good description of our lives right now. Between the hubs being back in school, and attending numerous trainings- several hours away, Ansley cutting multiple molars at once, and, well, me just trying to keep my head above water, life has been a little crazy.

But, regardless of how fast life is going, I've realized that there's always time to slow down. Even if just for a few minutes.

And just... be thankful.

I was hit hard with this yesterday as I drove to a neighboring county for school.  It is a drive I have made a ridiculous number of times. But this time was particularly different.

Just a few weeks ago, the Southeast was devastated by hundreds of tornadoes. I hate storms. But I've learned that Ansley looks to me for comfort. When the sky lights up and the thunder rumbles, as long as Mommy is calm, then Ansley follows suit.

Despite a day of storms, several hours without power and record amounts of rainfall, we were fine. Actually, I was fine. I was surprised at how calm I remained, even when the school I was teaching at was evacuated into the halls for nearly an hour while the skies grew black.

Except for one small branch that fell in front of the house, we remained damage free.  I joked. Almost all day. Because the weathermen were giving strict warnings. Get inside. In the basement. Away from windows. And then, it turned into nothing.  At least, for us.

Then, I watched the news, and heard about all the destruction in surrounding areas. And even heard of destruction that happened here. Locally. I looked at pictures. But it was still so foreign.

Until today. When I saw some of that damage myself.

I was breathless. And not in a good way. A forest leveled. Trees snapped in half. A front porch, on front of nothing.

And I realized just how fortunate we were. And it wasn't because I was "lucky" enough to see all of American Idol before we lost power that night. But it is because we still have a roof. And it is still over our heads. And, right now, Ansley is snoozing soundly in her bed, the pups are snuggled on the couch, and I'm sitting here at the computer, while so many lost so much. More than just stuff.  But people.

And despite all that whirls around me, I've got to stop. And take some time. And realize just how fortunate I am. To have a family that loves me more than words can express. To have... so much.

I'm regularly emotional. But every once and a while, "emotional" doesn't come close to describing all that is running through my head.

So tonight, though weeks after such brutal storms slammed practically the entire nation, I pray that you and yours are all safe and sound. And despite whatever whirlwind hits your life-literal or metaphoric- you will be able to reach out and grab that which is really important to you.

Monday, May 16, 2011

World's Worst Sister

This is a shout out to my dear sis that calls New Mexico home:

Though Wednesday nights have become a time for me and our shared sister to get together and watch American Idol, it in no way means that we don't miss-or think- about you while we do it.

You are very special to us, and if we could make a weekly trip to New Mexico for dinner and Idol, we totally would, however neither of us get off in time to make it there to watch it.

I'm sorry for slipping it in to a blog post, and even more sorry if you felt we didn't include you.

I hope this special note makes up for it, if even just a little. Besides, we both like Scotty, and he's the country guy. You probably wouldn't agree, and we'd end up having a throw-down every week. So, really, it is better for the health of all involved.

We do love you, and are beyond excited about spending vacation with you in 2.5 months. If you would like, we can watch the whole season again while we are all together. We promise not to tell you who wins (but I will tell you who doesn't win: Jacob!).

Love and miss you dearly,

Monday, May 9, 2011

All I Long For...

... is time to catch up. On:
Refinancing paper work.
Ansley's baby book.
Grey's Anatomy.
The Office.
Office work.
Updating photos around the house.

And maybe time to get ahead. On:
Grocery shopping.
Potty training.
Project Binkie Gone

And, maybe just a little time for myself. For:
A warm bath.
A good book.
Shoe shopping.

But I'm not sure I'm willing to sacrifice:
Walks in the evenings with Ansley
Blowing bubbles.
Playing fetch with Rascal.
Quick chicken nugget dinners.
Sidewalk Chalk.
Wednesday Sister Dates for American Idol.
Hitting snooze 3 times each morning.

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Last week? So good.

Except for the record number of tornadoes that happened to ravage the south. And the fact that I wore two unmatching flip flops on Monday. And the fact that I've singlehandedly managed to eat all the peanut butter filled chocolate Easter candies. Ok, so that still counts as being so good.

But, today? I'm hoping it isn't a preview of what is to come this week.  Some small demon possessed my child. She was MEAN today. I'm pretty sure it is because 1.) She flipped between sitters last week, 2.) She is cutting yet another tooth, and 3.) She didn't nap. AT.ALL.

I've struggled with picking her up from the sitter's before. She isn't always the most excited about going home. I get a hug, but then she's back to playing with the two other kiddos. She normally will cry, saying "Pay, Pay!" Not because I haven't paid the sitter, but because she has a had time with the letter L. And, probably because I did forget to pay the sitter and she's teaching Ansley some not-so-subliminal messages.

But, today, it was the UGLY. Not only did she not want to come to me from the sitter, but, when I actually took her, she slapped my face and pulled my hair. And it hurt. Not physically. But emotionally, and it hurt my pride.

I'm quick to say, "Oh, my kid is so much better better than that one pitching a fit over a barbie doll at Walmart." But it's when it goes the other direction that I think I'm just as hard. On myself.

I know we've hit a stubborn streak. And I know she'll come back around to be that sweet little girlie. But right now, I feel like a failure. Because I frequently have the kid that is crying in the grocery store. Or refusing to eat at the restaurant.

Or I have the kid that isn't even excited about seeing Momma when she gets home from work.

Yeah, sometimes it sucks.

Just sayin'.