Thursday, May 26, 2011

Captain Obvious

I'm doing dishes the other evening, when I notice the hubs has left his chewing gum stuck to his plate. I decide to leave the treasure on the plate for him to deal with later.

He gets home from class, and notices there are a few dishes in the sink. Mostly just a mixing bowl from the awesome chocolate chip banana bread I made (that is for another post and time. Just know that it was a little slice of heaven with some extra chocolate chips thrown in).

The hubs decides to wait to do the dishes until the next morning.

::Fast forward about 7 hours::

Hubs (almost accusative): Hey, babe? Why is there chewing gum stuck to a plate in the sink?
Me: Because you left it on your plate after dinner and rushed off to class.
Hubs: Oh, well, I, um... guess that's why then.

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