Saturday, February 20, 2010

Order up!

Today marks three weeks of Ansley enjoying rice cereal.

Though, really, "enjoying" may not be the most appropriate of words. Maybe that sentence should read "...Ansley wearing rice cereal." Yeah, that is much more accurate.

I wasn't sure we were ready to start solids. I mean, there is so much debate over when to start with solids. I've heard everything from 2 weeks to 12 months. I wasn't sure when exactly the right time would come.

At her 4 month appointment, her doc gave us the go to start solids. He suggested a few weeks of rice cereal for breakfast and dinner, and adding in veggies and fruits one at a time a few weeks down the road.
I held off a few days more, but realized we were feeding lots of formula just to keep her full a few hours at a time. The doc did tell us that feeding her rice would help her sleep longer at night and go longer throughout the day.

So, we tried it.

At first, not a fan. But, once she figured out it was indeed food, she got a little more excited, and really started enjoying it. And, it seemed like with every bite she took, I there right with her, opening my mouth as I put the spoon to her mouth, and closing when she needed to close. When I finally realized I was doing that, I felt like a total loser. But, Ansley caught on to the eating process.

She sees the spoon, and mouth opens wide. It's become a total reflex. And, honestly, I really think she was ready. Sure, the first couple of times, she was probably wearing as much as she ate, but, we're getting better. Now, we don't have to ditch the clothes for the food. If the spoon doesn't come fast enough, she's sure to let us know she is angry. I can also foresee a problem with sharing.

So, she's a regular rice cereal eater. And, she likes it. It fits nicely into our routine, and she does sleep better...most of the time.

So, she was ready. Much more so than I was, or am, really. Everyone told me this time would fly by, but I don't think I truly understood what they meant. Each and every day, she gets older, and a little further away from being that little bundle that came home on September 26. She's changing.

And, so am I. Motherhood has changed me ways I never thought possible. But I love it. I love playtime, and bathtime and bedtime, and all the time in between. And, even though right now, I know she relies on my hand to hold that spoon, one day, she won't need me. One day, she'll feed herself. And, though she may try that now, we both know that she can't do it on her own, no matter how hard she tries.

But, in years to come, I'll still have my hand there, ready to help her when she most needs it, and ready to clean off whatever mess she gets in.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentine's, a little late

Happy Valentine's Day! Yes, I realize that day has already passed, but we have yet to celebrate that day in my house. Well, at least, Paul and I have yet to celebrate that day. Ansley got a few kisses of her own.

It's tough documenting all the "firsts." I don't have pictures for each month she ages. I can't remember exactly when she smiled. I can't remember what she wore on Thanksgiving. And I can't remember the first time she laughed.

But I remember what I felt.

And, maybe that's what is more important. I can't remember all the gifts that Paul has given me for Naked Cupid Baby Day, but I can't forget how I felt.

Each and every day, I feel loved. Each and every day, my heart overflows with the joy that Ansley has brought to my life. Each and every day, I smile when I picture her gummy grin, or Paul's goofy expressions.

And, that's love. It isn't the hearts or stuffed animals, or even the chocolates (::gasp!::) that my friends in high school would get on Valentine's Day. It isn't a dozen roses, or even though butterflies you feel with your first kiss. But, it's those memories.

So, today, not just on February 14, I choose to remember those feelings. I choose to smile back at Ansley, and I choose to let those butterflies take over like the first time.

Love is more than a feeling. It is a choice. And today, I choose to love.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Yay! She's out!

So, have you ever had a really juicy piece of gossip that you just HAD to share?

The Christian thing to do is disguise it as a prayer request. That wouldn't work in this situation.

Or, you tell the hubby just to get it off your chest, but he doesn't give you the excited response you think your news deserves.

Or, you think about posting it on your blog, changing the names to protect the innocent, and hope that person doesn't catch on that Sally has their exact same story.

This has been my battle. My month-long battle. But, now, I can pound it out in all it's glory. I can shout it from the roof tops.


That's right, she outed herself on facebook, so it is now free reign. I can tell people. I can write about it. I can talk to her about it in public. And, dangit, I can openly pass along the maternity clothes.

Not that this is reason for a separate blog post, but this news has been a long time coming, and I'm just. so. excited. There is much more to the story that makes this news truly grand. In fact, with the news came the tears. My tears. And I'm not the least bit jealous.

So, friends of the interwebs. Bask in the glow of your computer screen, which represents the glow of my joy. I'll make sure she knows that lunch meat is okay to eat. And so is feta cheese. And lack of symptoms does not mean lack of pregnancy. Oh, the first trimester. ::Sigh::

Ok. Maybe just a little bit jealous. But not enough to go through it all again. Not yet, anyway.

So, here's to you, Cathy, uh, I mean, Sally. Cheers!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Clear as mud

Just to clear something up, I am not intending to stop the blog. I love it, and do it for me, as a way to track my journey of motherhood. It helps me organize my thoughts and serves as a virtual journal.

And, yes, a few times I did put random sentences in my papers. In fact, the first draft of my thesis included only about 10 actual pages, while the other 26 were ramblings. I did complete the entire paper for my final draft though.

So, on to much more important things. Ansley, of course!

As we near five months, I can't believe my newborn is quickly approaching half a year. The proof is in the pictures.

This is Ansley, 4 days old, still in the hospital. Unfortunately, going into labor five weeks early meant that I didn't have a bag packed, and we forgot to take a camera. The only pictures we have of Ansley before this point are currently on my cell phone.

And, here she is, just a few days ago. I am totally amazed as I watch her development. She grabs toys, everything goes in her mouth, and she loves her rice cereal. One success!

She likes to grab my face when I hold her, which was totally adorable until she fish hooked me. That hurt. Like. the. Dickens.

She has no interest in rolling over yet, and if I pull her up by her hands, she goes to standing. Great. Let's just skip rolling over and crawling and start walking. I don't think so. Oh, and her new trick? Large amounts of spit up during tummy time. Lovely.

We're on a regular schedule, which is great, except going to bed at 8 means she wants to be up at 6. Nope, not happening. Here's the binkie, now GO BACK TO SLEEP. Last night she wanted to play from 2:30 until 4:30. But, of course, not by herself.

Ah, parenthood. At times, easy as pie. Other times. Drives me crazy. But, I love it. I love that she smiles when I pick her up from the sitter's. I love that she giggles when I laugh at her. I love that she tries to mimic my facial expressions.

And I love that she saves most of the dirty diapers for Daddy.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm a liar.

I didn't post last night. Sorry.

Though, let's be honest. No one is reading this. Sometimes, in college, I would would write random things in the middle of my papers to see if the prof would catch it. If he noted something, I knew he had actually read my paper.

Nothing was ever noted. I passed with flying colors.

I know I don't have a large number of followers. I have 7, to be exact. One is a coworker who is following under two different names. Three are family members. And two stumbled upon this. That's 7. That's it.

But, honestly, I don't know if I write this for others to read as much as I write for myself. I love writing. I mean, I worked for a newspaper for almost 3 years so there had to be some enjoyment. If you spot this sentence then tell me in a comment. Writing has always been a way for me to organize my thoughts, as much as chaos can be organized.

So, I write briefly tonight, while the hubs plays some football and the little one ruins the bed time routine with a long nap, as a way to close out this long day. Don't worry, the funnies will come, but, honestly, it's more for me. And, maybe for Ansley.

So, I close with this. Did you catch it?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Falling behind...


So, for weeks I've had great things to sit and pound out on the keys. Stories to cause stitches in your sides, and pee in your pants (cause they're just. that. funny.).

But, alas, I can't seem to find the time. Maybe it's that beautiful child that captures my attention. Maybe it's the awesome book I'm reading before bed. Maybe it's American Idol. Maybe it's Farmville (yes, I've given in). Maybe it's other things.

Maybe I just don't have enough hours in the day.

Whatever the cause, I'm done with excuses. I hope to get the first one up tonight.

So, a little teaser. Pics of Ansley's first meal of rice cereal are on the way. As well as a nice letter to, well, just wait...

Monday, February 1, 2010

My Little Snowflake

We enjoyed our wonderful snow this past weekend. Well, at least, Mommy and Daddy did!

We ventured back to our childhood, complete with snowballs, snow angels, and a super cool snowman!

Why use words when I have a plethora of pictures? Enjoy!

Our drunk snowman. Please ignore the spare tire. We made our snowman in front of the neighbor's.

Snow angel, take one!

My snowflake!

Our Narnia Lamp!!