Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentine's, a little late

Happy Valentine's Day! Yes, I realize that day has already passed, but we have yet to celebrate that day in my house. Well, at least, Paul and I have yet to celebrate that day. Ansley got a few kisses of her own.

It's tough documenting all the "firsts." I don't have pictures for each month she ages. I can't remember exactly when she smiled. I can't remember what she wore on Thanksgiving. And I can't remember the first time she laughed.

But I remember what I felt.

And, maybe that's what is more important. I can't remember all the gifts that Paul has given me for Naked Cupid Baby Day, but I can't forget how I felt.

Each and every day, I feel loved. Each and every day, my heart overflows with the joy that Ansley has brought to my life. Each and every day, I smile when I picture her gummy grin, or Paul's goofy expressions.

And, that's love. It isn't the hearts or stuffed animals, or even the chocolates (::gasp!::) that my friends in high school would get on Valentine's Day. It isn't a dozen roses, or even though butterflies you feel with your first kiss. But, it's those memories.

So, today, not just on February 14, I choose to remember those feelings. I choose to smile back at Ansley, and I choose to let those butterflies take over like the first time.

Love is more than a feeling. It is a choice. And today, I choose to love.

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