Saturday, February 13, 2010

Clear as mud

Just to clear something up, I am not intending to stop the blog. I love it, and do it for me, as a way to track my journey of motherhood. It helps me organize my thoughts and serves as a virtual journal.

And, yes, a few times I did put random sentences in my papers. In fact, the first draft of my thesis included only about 10 actual pages, while the other 26 were ramblings. I did complete the entire paper for my final draft though.

So, on to much more important things. Ansley, of course!

As we near five months, I can't believe my newborn is quickly approaching half a year. The proof is in the pictures.

This is Ansley, 4 days old, still in the hospital. Unfortunately, going into labor five weeks early meant that I didn't have a bag packed, and we forgot to take a camera. The only pictures we have of Ansley before this point are currently on my cell phone.

And, here she is, just a few days ago. I am totally amazed as I watch her development. She grabs toys, everything goes in her mouth, and she loves her rice cereal. One success!

She likes to grab my face when I hold her, which was totally adorable until she fish hooked me. That hurt. Like. the. Dickens.

She has no interest in rolling over yet, and if I pull her up by her hands, she goes to standing. Great. Let's just skip rolling over and crawling and start walking. I don't think so. Oh, and her new trick? Large amounts of spit up during tummy time. Lovely.

We're on a regular schedule, which is great, except going to bed at 8 means she wants to be up at 6. Nope, not happening. Here's the binkie, now GO BACK TO SLEEP. Last night she wanted to play from 2:30 until 4:30. But, of course, not by herself.

Ah, parenthood. At times, easy as pie. Other times. Drives me crazy. But, I love it. I love that she smiles when I pick her up from the sitter's. I love that she giggles when I laugh at her. I love that she tries to mimic my facial expressions.

And I love that she saves most of the dirty diapers for Daddy.


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