Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm not made of money (though I wouldn't mind it)

Dear Ansley,

I know these past few days, you've been feeling terribly sick. It's been coming out both ends, and I feel so very bad for you.  You are welcome to snuggle in my lap as long as you want.  I just have one suggestion.

When we switched you to Huggies diapers, it was because they fit you so much better as a walker. It wasn't because they were cuter, and it certainly wasn't because they are cheaper. Because they aren't. At.All.

Here's the thing kiddo.  I know your tummy hurts. And I also know that you don't need to sit in a diaper that smells like a skunk sprayed something that is beyond dead. However, would you be kind enough to finish it all up at once, instead of waiting until momma has the clean diaper almost on?  We're regularly doing 2 diapers during every 1.5 minute diaper change. That just isn't cool, kid.

And we can't go for the cheaper ones. Because your little bum is so very sensitive, and you get diaper rash. Bad. So, please, feel better soon little one. And poop all at once.  Your parents will greatly appreciate it.

Hugsies and kisses!

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  1. I know the feeling. I said the same thing to Davis yesterday. :) Also experienced buying Huggies for Jay because of the sensitivity issue. Hope you get her potty trained before we had Jay out of diapers. ;)