Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The good, the bad, and the flippin' awesome!

Yesterday, I went to the grocery store to gather up the fixins for a spectacular Thanksgiving feast.

I opted to go to the store while on my lunch break, because that would save me the trouble of shopping with Ansley, which isn't as easy as it used to be (you know, back when you could put the carrier in the seat part of the buggy and they slept the whole time? Except, that was never really easy for me because I'm so short I couldn't see to push the thing).

Anywho, I ventured to the store, traversing through the wilderness that is our newly remodeled Walmart.  Sweet potatoes, check. Ham, check (yes, my family eats both turkey and ham on Thanksgiving. We like our food, yo). Brown sugar, egg nog, new cups, and rolls. Check, check check and check.

I made it to the checkout, and as the cashier started doing her thing, I realized I had two things of egg nog. "I'm sorry, ma'am. I just realized I got two of these, and only needed one. Would you like me to take it back?" She said not to worry, that's what the strong young men were for.  Then, it happened.

I started to get out my debit card. Hmm. Not in my wallet.  I stopped to get gas this morning, so I probably just shoved it in my pocket. ::checks pockets, with increasing anxiety:: Hmm. Must be in the car.

"I'm sorry. You are totally going to hate me. But I think my debit card is in my car and I need to run out there super fast. I'll be right back."

By this time, people were starting to line up behind me.  Luckily, having been a track star  team member in high school, I got out to my car in a quick fashion. Only to realize that my debit card was not there.

No worries. That's why there's a checkbook.

Yep. It was out of checks. Isn't that spectacular? So, I had to go back into the store, and tell the cashier that I did not have the money to pay. There were people lined up behind me, I was turning every shade of red possible, and it was awful.

That meant my debit card had to be in one of two places: a local middle school gym, or the gas station.

After a quick call to both locations, which proved fruitless, I was left with one option: call the bank and cancel the card. And, you know what thought went through my head? This means that I'll have to have the hubs with me when I go shopping on Friday so he can pay... Needless to say I grabbed a checkbook as soon as I got home.

When I called the bank, I didn't know my account number. And when the teller asked me my address, I fumbled!  I couldn't even remember my own address because I was still so flustered from the Walmart fiasco. After checking my drivers license and enjoying a few chuckles with the teller, we canceled my card and ordered another one.

I ventured back to Walmart last night, and despite removing the ingredients for a mocha cheesecake from my shopping list, I managed to spend about $2 more than I would have if my earlier trip had been successful.  Hmm.

So, the flippin' awesome?  Remember this?

Guess what??? I won the Modern Bird Studios giveaway from Harper's Happenings!  I found out as I was rummaging through my car for a debit card.  And, seriously, I almost peed my pants.  I am so EXCITED to get an original piece from them.

Time to make a decision.  Which picture???  Good thing the certificate doesn't expire for a year. Cause it may just take that long to make up my mind.


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