Monday, November 8, 2010

Steppin' Out, on Sunday

Saturday, I had to work. And I'm pretty sure you don't care to see my dark brown polo that I wear for work. So, instead, we stepped on on Sunday. Except, that didn't really happen either.

We skipped church because Ansley was still snotty, and I didn't think the other little kiddos would appreciate her new willingness to share (rather, the mommas probably wouldn't have appreciated it). We planned on heading out for Chinese food after church, but little missy decided she was going to whine and cry, so we opted to bring the food home.

All this to say I spent the day in a pair of super comfy fleece yoga pants which I snagged from the free box on my dorm hall while in college. And a shirt from Target. Once again, I'm not pictured (I totally promise I'll start being on the other side of the camera. For realz).

Ansley bug, sick sick sickly
"I live for rainbows" shirt, Old Navy
Jean skirt, thrifted
Black leggings, Walmart
I totally love this shirt! And, it was my full intent to artfully write in "double" right over the "rainbows", so it said "double rainbows," but opted against it, seeing as how most people would simply look at me like a weirdo. 

And this picture? Totally thanks to my new "I'm a cool person phone," my Droid2! It was time for the hubs to get an upgrade, and when he bought his blackberry, he got a phone free! Thank you, hubs!

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  1. Bless her heart! She looks so sick. Love you and hope she gets better soon!