Monday, November 29, 2010

Yet another blog about a giveaway

Are ya'll getting tired of this yet??

Here's the thing. There is a chance that by YOU reading this, you could win something awesome. So, really, I'm helping you out.

Have you ever been at someones house and they have these really cool almost painting like image on their walls?  Sometimes they are phrases, or quotes, or silhouette-like images?

I always want those, because I think it is one step closer to making me "current" and "trendy," but can never find anything I like (in other words, anything the hubs would let me put on our walls).  But, how awesome would it be for me to make it?

disclaimer: I always want to make things. I have good intentions. However, I seem to be lacking on the follow through. Hence, the numerous half-knitted blankets and scarves, almost finished Christmas wreaths, and several hair bow projects in the works.

Check this out: Decorchick! has an awesome giveaway going on right now!  Plus, she's offering a pretty fantastic discount code if you HAVE TO HAVE one of these.

It's a silhouette machine. And it makes things like this:

and, this:

::Swoon:: I really want. Not because it will make me cool, but because with it, I can make cool things. And then, when people come over to my house and say "Wow, that's cool! Where did you get it?" I can go all Proverbs 31 on 'em and tell them I  MADE it.  With blood, sweat and tears.

Because when I make things, even with a handy machine, it always comes to blood, sweat and tears. But, I promise I won't get any of that on anything I make for you.  Maybe that's why I have so many unfinished projects.  Hmm.

Anywho, head on over to Decor Chick and check out this giveaway! There are also tons of other cool crafty ideas for the really brave.

There you go. One more giveaway to help you out.  I'm in a giving mood!

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