Thursday, October 28, 2010

She Wanted ME!

This morning while getting ready for work, I heard Ansley stirring in her bed. Instead of running to grab her out of bed, I let her just play while I finished my hair.

Then came the begging. "MaMa? MAMA!"  I went in, swept her up in my arms, at which point she started grabbing for that blasted bear.  Once he was tucked safely under her arms, we made our way to my bedroom.

Paul, having worked late the night before, was still just a snoozing in bed. So, I put Ansley on the bed next to him and offered her the television remote to keep her company.

I changed, grabbed my stuff and started to leave. I kissed the hubs, gave the kiddo a kiss on the forehead and said "Bye bye Ansley!  Mommy's got to go."

Without hesitation, Ansley climbed over Paul, reaching for me and starting to cry. I picked her up, got a big hug, but told her I had to leave.

When I put her back down, she started crying and trying to follow.

Now, don't get me wrong. I don't normally take satisfaction in my daughter crying. I don't like it when she cries. I don't like leaving her when she is crying.  But, these cries kinda made me smile inside, just a bit. She wanted me. She didn't want me to leave. And, considering she is probably the biggest Daddy's Girl I have evah seen, it was pretty spectacular.

Yeah, I feel like I've seen a double rainbow.

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