Monday, October 18, 2010

Has anyone seen my progress?

I can't find it anywhere!

It's Monday again. Again. AGAIN.

Firstly, I can't seem to understand how these days seem to escape me so stinkin' fast. The weekends are here and gone before I even realize it. I welcome the arrival of the weekends, but my body aches with the arrival of each new Monday.  Because it is the start of the week. And I'm supposed to track my progress with this whole "getting in shape thing." Blah.

So, here's the thing.  I've realized it's a bit difficult to track progress when you don't have a scale to check your weight every Monday (which, let's be honest.  Checking your weight on Mondays? It's like adding insult to injury. Seriously.  Here, ya go, get up early, start another week of work, AND keep this number in your mind all day. That should help you out. IF YOU WANT TO GOUGE YOUR EYES OUT WITH A SPORK).

The hubs and I have made a deal. 4 nights a week, we will work out with Jillian.  He's doing it to help keep me accountable.  Our plan is to do it for 2 months. 

One week down, and I'm still going.  Granted, I don't do all the arm stuff, because I think my arms look just fine Jillian, even if they are the only part of my body that everyone sees naked. It's sweater season, so I may get back to you around spring time, m'kay?

Have a noticed a difference? Well, my legs hurt, and I think I pulled a muscle last night, but, other than that, not really.  Except, I do feel a little better, even if I put on a pair of my favorite jeans and couldn't zip them this weekend.

I'm missing one important part. I know I am.  The part that doesn't eat chocolate chip cookies and chocolate milk for dinner.  But, the cookies were about to go bad, and I just couldn't toss them? Right?  So, I skipped dinner and had 2 cookies. Right after I met with Jillian.

And she yelled at me for not eating right.  But, my new pants still fit, so we're ok. For now.

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  1. You know if you can make yourself eat six small meals a day at 300 calories (The dinner meal can be more), you an still have cookies and ice cream. Along with your workouts; its a healthy lifestyle. Everything in moderation. One and a half month down of doing this and I have lost 15 pounds and the hubs has lost almost 25.