Monday, October 11, 2010

McFatty... and a side of fries.

So, it's Monday.

And it seems like my days of low self-image happen on a Monday. Because Sunday is church, and my church clothes don't fit. And that makes me sad.

I've slacked off. I was doin' good, meeting with Jillian about three times a week, and dancing with Kym and Dimitri about twice a week. But, then I made a mistake. I stepped on the scale.

And when I did that, I lost all motivation. Because, really, it wasn't that bad.

And when I saw that number that hasn't been around since I was in my first trimester, I thought "Wow. So, I really only want to shed 5 pounds. 8 if I'm really motivated. That's so easy! I don't need to work so hard!"

That's 5 pounds, ya'll! That's it! Isn't that like water weight or something? I can lose that in no time.

So, I slacked. I got out of my routine. I stopped hanging out with Jillian, and met with Ben and Jerry instead. Because, I mean, seriously, it's just 5 pounds.

And then Sunday came. And when I busted out my fall dress clothes, and they didn't fit, I started crying. Because it's more difficult than just 5 pounds. It's where those pounds have made themselves home. Like, my thighs. And butt. And then I have all this stretched out skin on my belly from being pregnant, and I'm not really sure what to do with it. If I could position is correctly, and add just the right kind of fabric, I could just pretend it's my fav fanny-pack that I wear all the time.

So, I thought of a solution. Since everyone says that it's always the most difficult to lose that last 10 pounds of baby weight, and it's even more difficult to go about your day when you aren't comfortable in the way you look in your clothes, I decided something had to be done.

So, I went shopping. And bought new clothes, just a size up.

And, honestly, I feel better. And motivated. Because I'm not concerned about those 5 pounds. Sure, I want them gone, but I'd rather just tone what I've got. Because if I lose too much weight, all these new, super cute clothes won't fit!

Take that, you remaining baby weight, er, Ben and Jerry's weight! I'll get you yet.

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  1. I really need a shopping trip too. I've always known about the extra weight after a baby but it decided to change up on me this time and some of the weight went to places I've never had extra before...butt primarily. :) Not a bad thing necessarily (for me) but annoying when the clothes don't fit. I only have sizes ranging from 6-14 that I've been wearing over the past five would think something would fit. :) Keep staying positive!