Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This post started out as something completely different. It was lighthearted and about how Ansley has started walking and how she is an absolute joy.

But, instead, I have been watching Teen Mom. Everybody has their guilty pleasures, right? Bon Bons, expensive shampoos, driving fast.  Well, mine is Teen Mom (ok, at least one of them. I do enjoy me some expensive shampoo, and, on occasion, driving fast).

My heart is seriously breaking right now. I don't understand how parents can act the way they do, not only toward each other, but toward their children. How can you justify using such foul language around a child that mimics everything you say? And saying "You make me do it" doesn't count. Own up to your actions. 

How can you justify treating someone like even less than dirt? And how, in return, does that person manage to hang around, being verbally and at times physically abused?  And how, with their lives plastered all over MTV, can these two allow this to go on? Why haven't people stepped in to assist?  This family is broken, possibly beyond repair, and we watch.  And I cry.

I cry because I know this isn't the only family out there like this. I cry because the child has no say in the matter, and is often times shoved to the back screaming while her mother sleeps in or cusses her fiance. It is completely unacceptable.

I know that I'm not the best parent. I know I get frustrated with Ansley, and with Paul. But I also know that we're the adults, and Ansley depends on us. Completely.

And I know that.  I guess that what make me the adult.

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  1. And now charges are being filed against said Teen Mom.