Friday, June 4, 2010

Is this what I signed up for?

When I was telling the hubs about the new blog series I started, he was offended that I first wrote of Ben & Jerry's instead of him.

I tried explaining that it is simply understood that I love him and our daughter, and these writings were to focus more on the things that make me who I am, to which he quickly replied "Aren't you who you are because of me?"

So to ease his conscience, I will share some things that I love about the hubby (please note that some of these things have taken time to grow to love).

1. I love his weird quirks, and occassional OCD. What, all the coffee cup handles aren't turned the same way? For me, no big deal. For him, it means taking the cups out of the cabinet and rearranging them. It has also grown to mean that I simply don't put dishes away, since I know he's just going to move them.

2. His passion for a beautiful yard.

3. His willingness to make chocolate chip pancakes for me every Saturday, even though he's not a fan.

4. His complete comfort in who he is, yet his willingness to make adjustments when I may not be. He will head to the grocery store in a shirt with holes, athletic shorts and tennis shoes with his church socks or knee high soccer socks, just pushed down. I get totally embarrased and he doesn't mind putting on nicer clothes for me, even if we're just going grocery shopping.

5. I have to get on to him for not letting the babe play with her toys because he's afraid she'll destroy what he has built.

6. He enables my Ben and Jerry's addiction.

7. Though I thought I never would, I love how he likes to have his back scratched before he goes to bed, and how much he appreciates it when I put toothpaste on his toothbrush for him.

8. He's a freakin' awesome athlete.

That's him, catching the ball!

9. I hate to admit it, but I do love that he doesn't let me spend money the way I want. If so, we would eat only ice cream and we would get new clothes from Old Navy each season.

10. I love that he's willing to work to provide for his family.

There it is. 10 reasons I love my husband, including his quirks (which, I honestly only really started to appreciate).

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  1. Paul and I got a lot of things from our Dad...OCD being one of them. :) What is it with guys not caring that they are going out in a t-shirt full of holes. I generally just hand Justin a good shirt on his way out the door. :)