Monday, June 7, 2010

The Best medicine

Next on my love list is baby giggles.

What's that saying? It's something like the giggles of babies is like the poop of 1,000 butterflies?

That's probably not it, but, what I mean is, baby giggles are precious.

Like I've said before, it should come as an understanding that I love my husband and baby more than I can express on a silly little blog. So, I'm focusing on the small things.

Baby giggles. It doesn't matter how many tears are in a room at any given time, baby giggles seem to serve as a universal Kleenex. But, seriously, don't actually use a universal Kleenex. That could get really gross.

Ansley is much more animated now. And things make her belly laugh. And some things make her giggle. As fun as the big belly laughs are, it's those giggles that send my heart racing.

The other day, Ansley was sitting in her stroller waiting for Daddy to get ready to go on a walk. She was starting to get restless, so I decided to keep her amused. What possessed me to do this, I will never know, and I can't guarantee I'll ever do it again, cause it made me throw up just a little.

Instead of garden variety Peek-A-Boo, I opted for one that involved mommy spinning around very quickly and suddenly stopping in front of the baby. Though Ansley filled the room with giggles and claps, I almost filled the room with my lunch. I'm getting dizzy just thinking about it.

Last night, after finishing off her before bed bottle, she was playing on my bed while I sorted the laundry (before you call and report me to children's services, know that I was sorting the laundry at the foot of my bed). She was on all fours, and I tossed myself on the bed beside her. She would pick her head up, look at me, giggle and hide her face. She repeated this process for about 5 minutes. Despite me being crazy tired and it being over an hour past A's bedtime, I let her play. Because she was happy. And because of the giggles.

I think one of the best things about the giggles is that they are reserved for a select few. Occasionally, strangers get a smile, and sometimes the fam will get a fake laugh. But the all out giggles? Those aren't easily accomplished.

So today, I leave you with a picture. I need to try to get some video of the giggles, but I'm afraid my readers may get motion sickness because of all that has to be done to get them out. This is a picture of Ansley's new grin. She squints her eyes, waves her arms, and smiles really big. Normally, this face shows up with the appearance of a bottle, or the sight of a rescuer coming to get her out of bed in the morning.

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  1. So cute!!! You are absolutely right about those giggles. :)