Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I'm waning. Like, seriously.  I'm running out of words. Out of stories. Out of time.

I LOVE to write. By far, one of my favorite things to do.  I wasn't a stellar news reporter, but I got to be pretty good at writing stories.  My only problem was that many times, I wasn't too interested in what I had to write about. And, I think that's what makes a good writer: the ability to write a comprehensive, interesting story in something you yourself are not at all interested in.

Like a goat. That has 4 babies. Apparently, that is a rarity. And me traveling about 45 minutes to snap some pics and write a feature? Also a rarity. But it did happen.

I've also written stories about accidents that have killed toddlers, schools that are over crowded, students that hang out with senior citizens and dozens about a small local town whose board meetings are full of so much drama they are only rivaled by a good episode of Jerry Springer.

But even with years of training in writing, and a mind full of thoughts, sometimes it's just hard to put something one paper, er..., the computer screen.

We all have those days. Some of us seem to have those months. Just a few minutes ago, I was checking through my blogger feed and noticed many that haven't been updated in months. Some good reads, that I'm left wondering, "I wonder what's going on with that kid."

And, I ask myself, "I wonder when life will become too much for me that I can't find the time and sit to write. To share in some of the laughs, and just to vent about what's going on."

I know that this blog isn't a regular read to many, but it is to a few (hi Mom, Crystal and Amanda!). And it's a way for family, spread all across the nation, to keep up, since I'm so horribly a failure at communicating via phone. And, sometimes, the humor and wit comes out, but other times, there's a lull.

But that doesn't at all mean that I'm giving it up. So, unless you no longer see my blog in your feed, I'm still around. Because when I'm done, this will be too.

P.S.- I had to go back and edit this post several times because I kept calling the blog feed the "feeder." And those sentences just seemed weird.

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