Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Sparkle

So, for those of you that are just sitting on the edge of your seats wondering what is going on, I think I'll give you just a sneak peek just to shed a little light on recent circumstances.

Basically, I've just been overwhelmed. But, what it really comes down to is that I'm selfish and things haven't been simple, and so I've felt overwhelmed.

For instance, after 13 months sans toothers, the kiddo has decided to get them. ALL.AT.ONCE. Which leaves me wondering why Dante never mentioned this as the 11th circle of hell.  My conclusion? He obviously was without children, because if he were to have them, he certainly would have included additional circles. Forget the thieves and murders. That circle is nothin'. Come visit teething, INSANE diaper rash, irritability, lack of sleep and learning the word no, then come talk to me, m'kay?

I've had a bad attitude at work, and of course, it has lasting consequences.  Top that off with a not-so-wonderful employee review, and I've not wanted to be there.

And, I'm really not doing well with the hubs working 2nd shift. Luckily, Hopefully, the hubs will be moving to first shift in a few short months. I know that it means that Ansley will be with a sitter more than she is now, but I really think it will be a major improvement for our family.

And, the last stress? I totally brought upon myself. I thought it would be a great idea to MAKE presents for Christmas. Which would be, if I started more than two weeks ago. And, I'm just not finished. And, honestly, I get home and just decide to crash, er... play with the kiddo for a few hours before bedtime. Except this week, which I've opted to spend those after-work hours with my sis and brother-in-law.  Totally worth it (hopefully she'll agree when she gets an unfinished Christmas present).

But, there has been a silver lining. I'll share just a sneak peek, and I'm planning a review VERY soon (if I was a cool person, I would say that I had a giveaway to go with the review, but I'm just not that awesome).

So, behold. The glory of Modern Bird Studios: 

GAH!! Is that not pee-your-pants beautiful???  For those that care, please don't think I neglected your opinions on photos. I sent several pics for Greg (the artist hand of MBS) to work with, and this one was the finished product.  ::Squee!!!::

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