Monday, December 13, 2010

Did we Step Out?

Oh yes we did. And we sure had a wonderful time.

On Saturday, the kiddo and I hit up a fabulous Christmas party. A volunteer worker at our office treated us to a homemade Italian dinner. When I say "homemade," I don't mean my type of "homemade."

You know, Ragu Spaghetti Sauce with mushrooms ::check::
Angel hair pasta ::check::
Loaf of Italian bread ::check::

However, I do add an extra can of Italian diced tomatoes, because we like our sauce chunky (that sounds so weird in every possible way). Does that count for anything?

Nope. I mean, homemade to the bare basics!  They made the noodles themselves! And, homemade bread! To.Die.For. (Ok, so I understand. Technically, for it to be entirely homemade, they would probably need to have grown the wheat, milked the cow for the cheese, mashed the tomatoes, and all that other jazz. But, seriously, making the noodles is more than I can even think about doing.)

Anywho, no pic, because the only pics I can take of me with the kiddo are those middle-school-hold-out-your-cell-phone-style. And that just isn't cutting it anymore.  I have a super nice camera, and it is only fair that I use it.

Besides, Ansley wore the same dress she wore to last week's party. Different party + different people = same dress. When you paid as much as I did for a dress, you got to squeeze it for all it is worth.  In fact, I normally don't let the kid feed herself if she is wearing it.  I'm a little OCD.

The hubs laughs at me because Ansley has SO many clothes, yet I seem to dress her in the same stuff.  I wore my knee-high boots, which I ADORE, but are a few years old and may be on their last leg, er... heel. I toped it off with a dark wash demin skirt that I scored at Goody's before they busted, a red simple t-shirt from American Eagle and a white pull-over sweater. Festive, no?

So, here's the thing. We're going out of town in a few days, and I'll be sure to get some pics. At least of the kiddo. And, maybe I'll store up for my SOS posts.

Is that even fair?

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