Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm a trend setter.

I just know it.

So, I'm starting a little somethin' new. Join if you like, laugh if you choose, but just don't flame.

Back when I was on The Bump tri boards, and this whole mommy-blog business of mine got started, I used to LOVE Fridays.

For those of you who may have frequented The Bump, you know that most of the time, it was full of snark. Whether it was the girl who made herself vomit over consuming a fingernail-full of feta cheese while pregnant, the girl who felt conception happen, OR, the lovely girl that wondered if she should take birth control while pregnant because she didn't want to end up with a set of Irish twins (wow, I can remember nearly peeing myself with laughter each time these girls posted!), we all dished out the snark, whether on the interwebs or in our minds.

However, Fridays were a time of confession. Flame-free confession. I loved logging on first thing and finding the thread. It could keep me busy all day.  Some of the confessions were funny (um, I'm still in my PJs...from three days ago), and some were a little more serious (I'm really mad because...). The point was it was a place to vent, to laugh, or simply to confess.

I've decided that Fridays on my blog will rehash the FFFC.  As I said, join if you like.    But, seriously, if you are going to play, link up!

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