Monday, May 3, 2010

Make Over Day!

So, whatdoya think? I felt like the place needed a little brightening up, so I did a little dusting, and some rearranging, and found a few new things, and, tada!

I'm not one to keep things the same for too long. I just get so...bored.

My parents hated this fact about me, I'm sure. Cleaning my room was never a simple folding of the clothes, making the bed and a quick vacuuming. It was often a three day fiasco that including dumping out all of my desk and dresser drawers, rearranging the furniture, and redecorating the walls.

I never painted my room. But, I should have bought stock in teen magazines. Yes, I'll admit it. I was a HUGE BSB fan, followed closely by N*Sync. My walls looked like Tiger Beat threw up all over them. I wish I had all that money back I had spent on those magazines. 2 a month, at apx. 2.50 each, for about 18 months... ok, so, it's only like, $90. But I think you could add another $50 in for good measure.

Hanging the posters was more of an art. Each photoshoot would typically include one large poster of the group, and then you would have to coordinate all the smaller ones around the big one. Every once and a while, Tiger Beat would screw up and put one band member on the front poster and another band member on the back. That was not good planning on their part.

As new photoshoots were released in the new magazines, it would be time to switch them out, and do a complete redesign.

Like I said, it probably bordered on obsession. But I was a total closet fan, and only my closest friend knew how overboard I was. In fact, she started the whole thing and called to me from the water. "C'mon! Just join me! The water is warm all the Backstreet Boys are here with me!"

Whenever there was a appearance on TV, I taped it. I had about 10 VHS tapes full of interviews, music videos, performances, you name it. My friend and I would get together on weekends and watch our tapes, and learn the dances. Yes. It's true. At one point in time I knew the dances for both "Everybody" and "As Long as you Love Me." We even celebrate their birthdays. Yikes.

Feel free to insert your laughs and mockery here.

I can remember when I realized it was time to stop. We lived in a double wide trailer growing up, and one spring, I think of my freshman year in high school, a terrible storm came our direction. I tornado had been spotted just a few miles down the road, so my parents decided it was best to hit the road and seek more stable shelter in the local hospital where my mom worked.

So, while the fam gathered up the furry members (my brother was perfectly capable of getting ready to go. I'm talking about the family pets), I rushed through my room removing EVERY poster with a delicate "down, up" fashion to tear the posters out from their tacks. I then folded them, according to their creases, and placed them in a huge plastic tub THAT I BROUGHT WITH ME. We made it through the storm safe and sound, but I decided not to hang the posters back up. It was time.

And I didn't hang them back up. And I stopped watching my videos. And I realized what a total loser I had been. But, ya know, I still have a soft spot for the boy bands of the late 90s. Heck. I still totally love NKOTB. And now, I can listen to the music and remember the fun that I did have. And I can laugh at myself.

And, I wonder if one day, Ansley will get hooked on a boy band. Hopefully, I can steer her clear of an obsession, but, if not, I have a TON of posters she can have. They're just some old things that I can't seem to get rid of.

So, enjoy the new look, and share your obsessions. They may just brighten someone's Monday.


  1. hey- shoot me an email (with your email info) and i'll get it over to the folks at Sonic Alert!!!

  2. Ok, so when I was in middle school (maybe late elementary? I don't remember) I had a nighttime ritual of kissing my Jonathan Taylor Thomas poster before bed every night. I once had a friend over and we watched the Lion King and wrote JTT fan letters. (I wanted to watch Man of the House, but my parents thought it was inappropriate.) I actually got an autographed picture back (which I *may* still have in a box at my parents' house). Oh, and my cousin and I would watch this VHS tape she had of the Saved by the Bell wedding episode... NOT for the show, but for the commercial that was scattered throughout with JTT. I don't even remember what the commercial was for, but we would play it and scream into couch pillows. 4 or 5 times in a row. So yeah, I read ya loud and clear. And I used to clean my room the same way... I basically still do.