Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So this is what it's like...

We don't have cable. Or Dish. And we never have.

I grew up with a television, with cable, in my room. Even in college, the dorm had a TV in the lobby, and there were plenty of others around campus for me to catch "my shows."

Since we've been married, we've operated on an antenna. And it hasn't been too bad. I can't watch the news (as a news junkie, that is a big deal), but I manage. I can use the internet for that. But, even with 5 channels, I somehow manage to spend too much time in front of the TV. And it's spilling over to Ansley.

She watches Sid the Science Kid in the mornings, followed by Clifford. Now, she doesn't actually sit and do nothing but stare at the TV, but I can tell she does enjoy the colors. We've also, occasionally, let her watch Two and a Half Men (in my defense, Paul is a much bigger fan of the show than I am).

But, yesterday, we decided against vegging in front of the boob tube. Ansley and I played outside. And went on a walk. And played outside some more. She LOVES being outside. It doesn't matter what we are doing. She is perfectly content to sit in the grass and hold a stick.

Yesterday, we played fetch with Rascal. Ansley laughed every time Rascal brought the ball back. And she played with Rufus. And it was fun, even for this techpendent mommy.

Then, she had dinner, and we played some more. After a long bath (I guess it is a good thing that she enjoys bath time so much, especially since she likes being outside so much), we snuggled on the porch swing for a bit. Then, she enjoyed her bedtime bottle while I cooked dinner. Even though it was just spaghetti, and pretty much cooks itself, I was involved.

I would have loved to rock the kiddo to sleep, but she will have nothing to do with that. She prefers to be put in bed while she is awake and put herself to sleep. So, after putting her down, I ate dinner. Now, I will admit, I watched television while eating. But it wasn't what I would normally watch. I bypassed American Idol (ok, I'll be honest. The channel was out.) and watched Nova on PBS. It was about tornadoes. And it was really stinkin' interesting.

And, then, I did the dishes (again, honestly because the channel Glee comes on was out).

But, ya'll, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed pulling myself away from the television for some time outside with Ansley. I didn't exactly enjoy doing the dishes, but I know it will make things easier for Paul, because I've already packed his lunch for tomorrow and the sink isn't full of dirty dishes. That, I enjoy. It makes me feel like super wife.

Now, I'm not saying I'm tossin' the TV to the curb, but what I am saying is that I actually really enjoyed my day. I enjoyed being outside, and I enjoyed watching Ansley interact with the pups and nature.

I don't expect us to get cable any time soon, and I know for sure that Ansley isn't going to have a TV in her room. We'll spend time together, outside, or inside playing games and laughing at each other, not the TV. And, just maybe, eventually that TV will make it's way to the curb.

That is, after I figure out what's going with Lost.

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