Saturday, May 29, 2010

Go away and leave me alone!

So, you know that game where you click the squares and use the numbers to help find the mines? It's called minesweeper, cleverly enough.

Anywho, if you aren't sure how to play, you end up just clicking squares watching that little smiley face at the top hold his breath as what is hiding behind the square is revealed. "3? Ok, that means this square is bordered by 3 mines."

The game isn't really hard. But, it is addictive. I mean, EXTREMELY addictive.

So, here it is, 10:30 p.m., and after a long day with a whiny baby (which, unfortunately, seems to be the norm as of late), I'm sitting here blogging about minesweeper. Because I can't stop. At.All.

I'm tired, my teeth are fuzzy, the house is a mess, laundry needs to be done, and I'm still dressed for a wedding that was 4 hours ago.

But I've just got to play one more game. Just one more, then I'll go to bed.

1 comment:

  1. I'm addicted to Mahjong Dimensions. Those games really can get us hooked. I think I enjoy playing something that involves some "adult" thinking...that's at least what I tell myself when I'm playing the 10th time in a row at 11pm. :) Really, I'm just matching pictures which is more of a child's game, isn't it.