Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wiggles and jiggles and feels so real...

It's my water baby!

How many of you remember these commercials? Just in case you've forgotten, let me refresh your memory.

Well, I have a water baby. Not one of those that you fill with warm water. That's just weird and freaky. But, and actual baby that loves the tub.

So, the other night, I was bathing Ansley. She LOVES her bath time. No.Joke. If she's fussy and doesn't want to be held but doesn't want to be put down, bath time is our hero. It's a great break for mommy too. She'll play and squeel in delight while mommy takes time to rest. Tubside, of course.

So, here we are. We've had several exciting bath experiences. Last week, I wanted her to take a LONG bath. Partially because she's so happy in the bath, and also because as soon as she's out, she's ready for the lotion, bottle and bed. Normally, she's in bed by 8:15 p.m. and she talks to herself until about 8:30. Then, she's out.

So, this bath started at 6:45. Following the typical schedule, she would have been in bed by 7:30, meaning she would wake up the next morning at 6:30. Sorry. I know I'm a mother and no longer a college student, but I'm pretty sure it is a sin against nature to get out of bed that early. At least, it's a sin against my nature.

So, obviously, that wasn't going to jive. So, I was faced with a dilema. How to stretch out bath time. Well, give her a playmate, of course!

Now that the kiddo is a tub sitter, she seems to enjoy the few bath toys much more. She and Rascal still battle over the rubber duckies, but Ansley doesn't just hand them over anymore. I debated sticking Rascal in the tub, but quickly decided that would not be the best idea. Rascal doesn't mind the water, but I did not see it ending well at.all.

So, what was to be the next option. I thought, and thought, and thought, and eventually decided I would be the bathtub playmate.

The last time I took a bath with someone else was, well, let's not think about that. But I couldn't get over the fact that this was just too weird. So, I opted for the more sensible choice. I dug out a swimsuit, and hopped in the tub with Ansley.

There were several reasons I decided to try this option out. Mainly, I didn't want to sit in 2 inches of water, naked. That's just a little too weird for my tastes. Especially with Rascal constantly trying to join the tub. I can't go to the bathroom if I think someone is listening in the next room, so bathing with someone watching me, even a dog, is out of the question.

The second reason I opted for the swimsuit was because I didn't want to scar my poor little girl. Now, I've taken a few showers with the kiddo, especially when she was younger. They worked out well, overall. However, I did learn that if a baby is breastfed, that naked boob means food. It doesn't matter if she just ate and isn't hungry. If it's there, she's after it.

Now, I stopped nursing Ansley after about 10 weeks. I had gone back to work full time, and she was already asking to supersize her meal AND add an extra order of fries on the side. I simply couldn't keep up. Plus, I was constantly hungry, and couldn't eat enough to stop losing weight (go ahead, flame me all you want, but it isn't any fun to be skinny when your husband continually tells you that you look like you're sporting an eating disorder). So, we stopped nursing, and Ansley hasn't been at the breast since.

I wasn't concerned about her all of a sudden backtracking. I was concerned because she's getting much better at grabbing things. And pulling. And pinching. And, honestly, I hadn't trimmed her nails in a few days and it wasn't a risk I was willing to take. So, the swimsuit seemed the best option to extend the bath time.

It wasn't nearly as strange as I expected it to be. We had tons of fun splashing each other, and Ansley got to experience more than 2 inches of water. We pushed the ducky back and forth, and enjoyed the warmth of the water. And when suddenly our tub became a jucuzzi tub, I knew it had come time for the fun to end.

I learned a few things though. Even if you think your maternity swimsuit is cuter than your regular one, you probably shouldn't wear it. Cause even if you haven't gone back to normal in other places, chances are, your chest isn't the same size. I'm glad I discovered that before heading to the beach this summer.

Secondly, I learned that thinking outside the box can be a lot of fun. Ansley and I play all the time, but it was great to take a simple everyday activity and make it something new. I hate when everyday is the same as the day before, and even just something as simple as putting on a swimsuit and taking a bath with your kiddo.

What are some ways you bond with your bundle of joy? How do you think outside the box?


  1. i've always loved the tub pictures with taken with the camera flash...the water always looks awesome. typing with baby in one hand leads to a lack of capitalization...just in case you were wondering. :)

  2. You are a genious! I love this POST and love the way you think and express yourself!