Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ah, thanks honey. I love you too.

So, I was brushing my teeth before bed the other night.

I'm already in my jammies, the make-up is off, and that mess on top of my head (traditionally called hair, but looks more like Medusa is renting the space) is already pulled back.

Enter, husband. Stand behind wife, and offer a kiss on the top of the head. Then, pull back.

"Hmm. Hey, you may want to think about coloring your hair sometime soon."

Did that really just happen? Did my sweet and loving husband look at my hair and tell me I needed to dye it? Am I really getting gray hair, I mean, I'm only 26!

"If I need to dye my hair, it's because you made it this way! Oh, and, you may want to leave the heat on tonight, cause I have a feeling I'll steal all the blankets."

1 comment:

  1. How rude! :)
    Follow Cindy Crawford's pearls: if ever you do see a grey hair, don't pluck it out. 10 more will grow in its place!
    (enjoy reading your blog; found it after first reading that Layla Grace had passed). You completely had the same reaction I did.