Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Brighter Day.

Yesterday was pretty stinky too, for many of the same reasons as the day before.

But, today, when I arrived at my office, a coworker shared a glorious video with me. My face hurt I was laughing so hard. And I may have possibly peed my pants just a little. So, take a look-see.

And then, after that beauty was shared, we got to enjoy this little ditty.

I know, I know. The last couple of posts on my baby blog have not really been about the baby at all. But we all need a little break from the norm, and these were simply too funny not to pass on.

Thank you to the guy who spotted the vibrant beauty across the sky, and the subsequent upload to YouTube. And another thanks to the rockin' song that followed.

I hope your day is as beautiful as a double rainbow across the sky! ::snort, chuckle::

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