Friday, March 12, 2010


So, since I've started blogging myself, I've started following other mommy blogs. Some make me pee my pants cause I'm laughing so hard (thankyouverymuch Blair. I've purchased dozens of new undies, especially after reading about the wet seat cushion).

Other blogs have brought tears, and an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for my little one. And, some blogs have connected me with old friends.

But, some blogs offer free stuff. And this, my friends, is what it is all about.

So, over on Adventures of Baby Kaitlyn, it is the giveaway I have been waiting for. Those cute little knitted (or crocheted) baby hats with the flowers. To.die.for.

I see other babies with these hats on, and wish I had the devotion to make one myself. Sure, I can knit. But I should probably finish the 5 different scarfs I have started first. Or, maybe that baby blanket. Or maybe that blanket I started for my mom. Three years ago.

But why make one yourself when you can enter different giveaways, and hopefully get one yourself, all while being lazy and just writing about it. Score.

So, head on over to Adventures of Baby Kaitlyn (Adventures of Baby Kaitlyn) and enter for yourself. Just don't blog about it. Cause that won't get you any extra entries. Not even three.

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