Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Get your facts straight

Dear people who comment on my child,

I first want to thank you for taking time to "goo" and "gaa" at my child. I love the attention, and knowing that I baked a cute kiddo brings a smile to my face. However, if I have to inform you one more time that "he" is not "handsome," but, rather, "she" is "beautiful," I may have to punch you in the throat. Consider yourself warned.

To keep all confusion to a minimum, notice the pink blanket she always has, as well as the pink outfits, or those with flowers or butterflies. In the event that she does not have the pink blanket, notice the bow in her hair, the pink pacifier, or the pink and purple snail hanging from her carrier, m'kay?

In addition, please do not tell me she "sure is healthy," or ask if I'm feeding her too much. She's chubby. She's curvy. She's a butterball. All this, I know. Though she is healthy, you don't need to point that out. And, yes, she is my child. Trust me, I was there.

Finally, thank you for greeting us at church this week. And, no. I don't normally dress my son in a dress. With pink butterflies on it.

The Mommy


  1. Absolutely hilarious!!! I don't understand how people miss the obvious pinks or blues. I got that a lot with Rose.

  2. HAHAHAHAHA! It's all okay because SHE'S way to cute! See you and Ansley soon!