Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Epic day of Failure

It finally happened. All of my education could not prevent it. I've fought it and said "Oh, that'll never happen to me." And, it did. And it won't let go.

I am talking about "Mommy-brain." Walk with me through a day, just a week and a half ago, almost 6 months out from D-Day (that's Delivery Day, not the day the Allied troops landed in Normandy, just FYI).

The day started out wonderfully. Ansley and I were at the in-laws, since Paul was working all weekend. Ansley's clothes were ironed, my clothes were clean, and we were both fed and ready to go to church ON TIME (pretty sure it's only happened about 3 times total since she's been born. Yeah, it's that bad). What ensued was a day full of failure. An Epic Day of Fail, if you will.

So, I strap a bib on the kid since she is notorious for puking on herself in the car as we drive or as we are walking into church. I get to church and start to get her out.

Fail #1: She had on a bib that said "Handsome like Daddy" Luckily, I caught it before we left the parking lot.

Fail #2: AFTER church was over, my MIL looks at me kinda funny, and says, "I think your cardigan is on inside out." After quick inspection, I humbly agreed, and quickly switched it around.

Fail #3: Playing with Ansley. Apparently, since she didn't puke that morning, she had been saving it for the afternoon. And, she shared it with me. And the inside of my shirt. Which, led to...

Fail #4: While cleaning up the puke off my chest, I noticed that my camisole was on backwards.

And, you know what? It hasn't let up since then.

Two days ago, I was sure I knew a back road to get to Walmart from my parents house. Yeah, I ended up in the next county over.

And, before that, I was filling out a mileage sheet for work. "Hmm, that trip was 33.5 miles one way, so it was 67 miles total, times .5 per mile..." AND I USED A CALCULATOR, which gave me the answer of 33.5!

And, I couldn't figure out why my hair straightener wasn't working. It wasn't on.

But, the biggest fail of all? When I got excited because A rolled from belly to back, and the hubs said, "Oh, I haven't seen her do that one yet..." You mean you've seen her do another one? "Yeah, she rolls from back to belly all the time. For about 2 months now."

Which, just to point out, I have yet to see. But, letting that slip, that was his fail. And it's so much worse than mine, right?

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  1. I hope you gave Paul an earful about that one!! Doesn't he know that rolling over is one of those big milestones that you spend days waiting on? :)

    Sorry about the rest of your day. Just know that your in good company. My usual "fail" is grabbing the diaper bag on the way out the door only to realize later that there are no diapers in there.