Monday, March 8, 2010

Drug by the Wagon

So, can you fall off a wagon if you never really get on?

Last week, I posted about wanting to document each day as I saw it. Whether with a picture or paragraph, I wanted to capture each minute and make it a moment.

Guess what? I'm still on track!

Yes, though the photos have yet to be posted, they have been taken. One night, I sat down to post them, and my computer freaked out and shut down and changed all the settings. It was possessed. I swear.

But, we're good to go now, and I'm combining a couple in this one post.


It's starting to get warmer outside, which means Bunker gets to run around more rather than being cooped up in the kitchen. After a day of chasing the birds and howling at distant trains, he had nothing left. That's about how I felt.


First of all, I couldn't exactly put a picture of my naked baby online. However, I could not pass up this opportunity. Hence, the lovely cloud. It seems every night at bath time, Rascal cannot handle the fact that the babe has a squeeky toy that she does not. Several times, she has climbed right on in the tub to get that duck. It is normally a battle. Ansley has the duck. Rascal takes the duck. Ansley starts crying. I take the duck from Rascal, clean it, give it to Ansley. Rascal starts whining. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.


Paul has become known by the third shift cashiers at Walmart as "the flower guy." He frequently brings home beautiful flowers. They are quite a pleasant treat. When I first started this job a year ago, he had flowers sent to the office every Tuesday for about three months. Needless to say, I've got a lot of dried flowers and about 12 of the same single flower vase. I wonder if I could get some store credit for returning those to the florist. Or, all the coat hangers we get from the dry cleaners...hmm...


Ok, so I didn't take this picture. But this is the best.stinkin'.teether.EVER. I know everyone loves their Sophie, but I am not cool enough to own one, so, therefore my child will just have to accept the fact that she doesn't get the trendy toys or clothes. Ok, the trendy clothes part is a lie. She's the best dressed kid this side of our street. But, this teether, a gift from Grandma and Pap-pap, is wonderful. It vibrates. She got this on Thursday, and it has quickly become her favorite. I think the vibrating tickles her, cause she scruntches up her face when it starts going. Oh, and just a side note. If you happen to be riding in the car and feel the floorboard start to vibrate, be sure you check to see if this toy is in the diaper bag that your feet are on BEFORE you start freaking out about the wheel falling off, m'kay?


Ok. Don't judge me. Seriously. This is a bag of clothes that I set aside to donate to Goodwill. Four months ago. It's been sitting at the foot of my bed for FOUR MONTHS. Yes, that's right. Oh, and, Goodwill is only about 5 minutes from my house. The worst part? The longer the bag sits there, the more things I look at and think "Hmm, I may wear that one day." On second thought, judge me. Maybe then I'll be motivated to get them out of the house.


Yes, this picture was taken in front of my microwave. Because that's where I was when I remembered to take a picture Saturday night. Though Saturday was a ton of fun, complete with Ansley's first birthday party (not her first birthday party, but her first birthday party. Got it?), it wasn't till I got home that I remembered what I was trying to do. And, not that I'm trying to turn this into a political debate about abortion, but I work for a pregnancy clinic. We had a fundraising banquet recently and brought in $15,000 above the goal! I look at this pin now, and can't believe that Ansley's feet were that size, just about a year ago.


Here it is! Ansley's Easter dress! Now, I know the point is often to see just how many layers of lacey, frilly, flowery fabric you can squeeze your little one into on Easter, but I could not pass this up. Not only was it a great deal, but it screams "I'm going to be First Lady one day!" Is it not a little Jackie O dress in baby size?? I.LOVE.IT. Plus, she'll be able to wear it other than just for Easter, though I fought the temptation to put her in it this past week for church. Children's Place. Check it out.
So, there it is. My first week of daily documentation. Done. Taking the pictures wasn't the hard part. Finding the time to put them on here was.
And, what have I learned? Well, everything I look at I now ask myself "Is this worth a daily documentation?" It really makes me stop and think. What are the moments that I hope to store away, and what are those that are humbling? Hopefully, I'll be able to be completely honest with these, in hopes that I can keep myself accountable for things I plan to do. Like going to Goodwill. I should try to do that today. Or maybe tomorrow.


  1. Found you! And I have a bag to go to Goodwill sitting by my front door. The drop off point is ACROSS THE STREET. And we're going on 3 weeks. Jack hasn't rolled over yet (not the least bit interested) although now he wants to sit up all the time. Laying down is for babies. *ahem* Here's us: Glad you're doing this. :)

  2. The dress is SO cute!