Sunday, October 18, 2009

The beginning...

So, I'm sure no one wants the complete, in depth story of my little bundle's arrival, so, it should suffice to say that after 21 hours, two water breakings, and 10 centimeters later, Ansley Reese arrived at 6:20 a.m. on September 21.

Her arrival was much of a shock, as she chose to enter the world 5 weeks early. That's right. Five weeks of baby kicks and hiccups that mommy missed. Her promptness meant no mommy-baby bonding until that afternoon. And even then, the umbilical cord that connected baby to mommy had been replaced with connections to machines and monitors. No hugs and kisses, just hand-holding and diaper changing.

But we endured those 5 days. We endured the nights apart, and the hour drive. And now we are together. Now, mommy and daddy laugh at the funny baby sounds. We take turns on diaper duty, and though daddy can't offer the same milky goodness that mommy can, he sure can feed our little trooper in bottle form. And he does. And we love it.

And that's our story. It's been an adventure, and it is sure to be much more of one. I'm sure there will be plenty of tears and hours of laughter. As the years go on, there will be ::gasp:: spankings and sleepovers, dolls and dresses, boys and books, and if daddy has his way, plenty of soccer playing and baseball watching, though Little Girl doesn't seem too interested yet.

And we're both wrapped around a tiny finger.

So continues our fairytale.

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