Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to Work

Seven business days. 11 total. 11 days where we were able to make a new schedule. Where I was there for both naps, and most afternoon naps included one of my own. Meals with the hubs. Extra time with family. A joyous visit with my sister. Family photos. Good food. Bones. New toys. Christmas.

It was a wonderful time at home. Most times, I feel that after such a long break, I'm ready to get back. To get back to the office. To conversations that are about more than which shape matches this. To get back to heels and dress pants, makeup and fixed hair. But this time, things are different.

I've never felt such a pull to stay at home. Even though I love my job, the extra time with the hubs and the kiddo has been spectacular. Fabulous, really. But we've made choices, and right now, those has put us here.

Four years at a private college? School loans. A hubs that is finishing his degree, 2 cars, cell phones, a mortgage and a partridge in a pair tree. Could we make cuts for me to stay home? Yes. But right now, it would mean downsizing. Selling the house. Renting. We've already cut out a lot of things. No satellite or cable. No home phone. No internet. Single ply toilet paper and generic cereal. Actually, I'm a total TP and name brand cereal snob. But, if it meant I could stay home...

Maybe I'd give up the cereal. But my tushy likes the cooshy.

So, tomorrow I go back to work. I'm hoping for a smooth transition for all involved.
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