Thursday, September 16, 2010


I love my husband. I love that he frequently brings me fresh flowers.

I love my dogs. I love that they know when I'm upset, and need a furry cuddle.

I love that even though Jillian Michaels is kicking my butt, I feel good. Because I'm doing something about my fat jeans not fitting.

I love that Ansley is generally a happy baby, and loves to wave at people.

I love her birthday decor.

I love my house, though am not at all opposed to getting rid of the old carpet.

I love that as I read more of the Bible, I feel closer to the Lord.

I love that even though our babysitting situation didn't work out, we've been able to find the best possible replacement.

I love polka-dots.

I love that a dear friend who just had a baby is able to strengthen my faith.

I love that the hubs got a much needed raise.

I love crunchy leaves.

I love reading books in a bubble bath.

I love watching Ansley nervously take a few steps, only to drop to her knees and crawl at lightening speed.

I love the feeling of satisfaction and comfort that comes with writing.

I love my life.


  1. Aww...Don't you love me? Just kidding, I know you do. I am glad that you are finding such happiness this week. Love ya!!!

  2. I love that despite bumps in the road, our friendship is strong as ever, and I love that you blog!!!