Tuesday, September 7, 2010

In the blink of an eye.

Last weekend? Super crazy. And now, it's over.

Friday: Trip to town to look at some cars in hopes of solving single-car frustration.
Car lot closed. Settle for a great dinner at O'Charlie's. All in all, not a bad day. Except upon arriving home and noticing a huge hole in the center of our guest bed's mattress. Luckily, it's just a foam mattress, so we weren't out too much.

Saturday: The hubs wakes up with a scratch in his throat. Progresses through the day. Fantasy football draft, which found Peyton Manning on my team. Score. Oh, and, we traveled to visit the in-laws, during which time my wonderful dog had 6 puppies. Probably explains the mattress.

Sunday: Hubs worse than the day before, and Ansley really is a little booger. Skip church to nurse my family back to health, all while fighting it silently myself. One puppy dies. Cried a bit, which didn't help the sore throat or congestion. Day ends with a trip to my parents for dinner. Solid.

Monday: Early trip to car dealership, only after having discovered a bestie was in labor... on labor day! Laughed at the irony for a bit (ok, honestly, still laughing about that). Leave dealership after about 3 hours to think about the proposed deal. Visit friend in hospital, meet new baby. Glorious gift of life. Return to dealership to sign papers, only to discover after 2 more hours that they had prepared them wrong and the original amount they quoted us would have to increase by about $50 a month. Turned around and walked out. Bummed. Dinner out with hilarious little girl (Ansley), followed by some emotional shopping. After trying on my normal size of jeans, bought the next size up. That's never good.

Tuesday: Got up for work. Those pants that I bought a size up? Yup. Still too small. Yikes. Had a friend over to help with decorating for fall (blessed season). Had my rear end kicked by Jillian Michaels. In fact, I couldn't even finish the workout. And she said she'd see me tomorrow. We'll see about that.

And, here we are. Catching up on all the latest social networking going on, listening to the workout DVD music playing over and over, and enjoying the miracle of life that's just 5 feet away in a box, 20 feet away in a nursery, and 50 miles away in a hospital.

Life is beautiful. Even when it seems to be colored gray.

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