Thursday, September 2, 2010

Deep breaths.

I'm frustrated. And it's getting the better of me.

I'm frustrated that we are a one-car family again, with no end in sight. I'm frustrated that the hubs will be working 6 days a week until sometime next year. I'm frustrated that we see more of our coworkers than we do of each other.

I'm frustrated that my dog is knocked up, and despite being medicated, is covered in fleas. I'm frustrated that I brought Rufus home in the first place. I'm frustrated that Bunker ate two of my favorite pairs of shoes in two days.

I'm frustrated that the only decent channel we get has changed it's signal and we don't get it anymore. And I'm frustrated that it's the channel that shows baseball, football and Glee.

I'm frustrated that as I work my way off this medicine, I feel like my head is spinning, making me want to keep taking it. I'm frustrated that I'm tired all the time, and leave work with a headache almost every day.

I'm frustrated that the neighbor's don't have a stronger internet signal. I'm frustrated Ansley's room is the wrong color, and I can't find the time to repaint. I'm frustrated that the new curtain rods I bought don't fit. I'm frustrated that I can't squeeze the staple gun to finish recovering the recliner in Ansley's room.

I'm frustrated I can't blog more. I'm frustrated that I'm not as funny or have as many followers as other blogs I read.

I'm frustrated that Ansley has learned how to dump a bucket full of water out of the tub during her bath. I'm frustrated that she hasn't been sleeping well.

I'm frustrated that I'm jealous of an unborn baby. I'm frustrated that as we toss around the idea of a second child, I can't help but think it won't work, and we should just stop here.

I'm frustrated that I've gained weight, and my fat jeans are too small. And I'm frustrated that all I want to do is eat half baked ice cream and chocolate chip pancakes.

I'm frustrated that I have a college degree that I'm not using. I'm frustrated that despite being a 2-income family, I feel like we're barely keeping our heads above water.

And, I'm frustrated that I'm frustrated.


  1. So sorry. It's so hard sometimes isn't it? Call if you want a sympathetic ear. Do I mean empathetic? Justin always corrects me on that. Whichever word means that I understand and am there too. :)
    Love you.

  2. I am totally free Tuesday night if you want me to help you finish covering the chair and paint Ansley's room. I can also DVR Glee and whatever else you might want to watch. And, you can come over whenever I am home and use our computer. And, you have should not be jealous of another baby. Ansley is the bestest of the best!!! I love you girlie. Hang in there and let me know about Tuesday.

  3. I love reading your blog. And my blog has hardly any readers - I post new blog updates on FB so my friends can read them - who cares how many readers we have? Isn't it so our baby girls can delight in reading all about themselves when they're older? It's why I started my blog for Ava.
    I have days like you're describing. We don't have enough money for the mortgage this month. My hudband's going on a golf weekend & leaving me for three days & each year I say I'll organise something.
    But despite all the stresses & expanding waistlines & running gear gathering dust, I'm grateful for the small important things I have. Read my latest post if you get the chance to - we all have stresses, so please know you're not flying solo.