Thursday, August 19, 2010

I need a spork, please...

So I can gouge my own eyes out.

4 days out of the week, I totally love my job. I'm making a difference. I'm encouraged. I encourage. I complete an assignment on time. I leave my mark. I laugh.

But, sometimes, there's that one day. That day where I'm frustrated. That day where I feel unappreciated and under-paid. That day that I go without a thank you. That day where if I'm checked in on one more time, I may possibly scream. And, seeing as how we do transvaginal ultrasounds, screaming would not be good for business.

But I can't help it. Sometimes, it is best just to keep doing things the way they've always been done, because it works. And if it works, why struggle to change it? And, sometimes, if we're given a task, expect it to be completed without checking in.

Because we are all adults. And we should treat each other that way. With respect. And the ability to have a personal picture on our computer. Because, doggonnit, some of us have cute babies that we miss during the day.

And we would rather be there with them. And a pint of Half Baked. Because it does make the whole world a better place to be.

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  1. Growing pains suck...It seems things are always changing at work...I know we should all be happy just to have jobs,but we SHOULD be able to have pictures of the most wonderful baby in the world because we miss her(ok I can't say this applies to me because I can have her picture up at work)but my FB.friends should be able to post what they want with thinking will she get called out for this...SO I SAY WAY TO VENT TIFFANY HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER.