Saturday, September 3, 2011


Here ya go. A raw, rough, vomit of thoughts, right here for the whole world wide web to see:

Frustration, anxiety, joy, sadness, 70 years, puppy breath, planning, failing, falling, jumping, swimming, sliding, drafting, heart attacks, flowers, diaper rash, babies, nieces, nephews, drunk, expectations, alone, 25 cent sale, the jailhouse, fuzzy socks, refinancing, abudant blessings, empty account, big decisions, practicing, cleaning, forgiving, forgetting, celebrating, mourning, arguing, waking, sleeping, working, playing, baseball, grocery shopping, visiting, hugging, laughing, yelling, raining, giving up, letting go, chocolate, soda, scentsy, overnight trip, couponing, picture taking, picture printing, missing, no blogging, wishing for blogging, reading, watching, driving, Moe's Southwest Grill, baby brother, best friends, worst enemies, baby girl, Seinfeld, fish food, time off, the beach, 7 little words, words with friends, a loss for words, texting, xanax, smoking, not smoking, color, bedding, potty training, not potty training......... bleh.

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