Wednesday, January 20, 2010

When did I grow up?

Dang. I'm 26 ya'll! I've been married for 3.5 years, and I have a kid (that will be 4 months old tomorrow, btw). When did that happen? Not, the kid. Trust me, I remember when she got here. But when did the growing up happen?

Well, I guess it can be argued that I never actually grew "up." I got older, sure, but the hand-me-downs don't pass to my younger sisters, but rather pass from them, to me. That's right. I'm smaller than my siblings. All of them. And at this rate, Ansley will be passing her clothes on to me by the time she's 5. I'll have to go to a thrift store just to buy her dress-up clothes she can fit in.

Yeah, so, back to the getting older part. I'm not exactly sure when that happened. I remember high school just fine. Nope, didn't happen then. I remember college. All four years, actually. Don't think it happened then.

I remember graduation, and my wedding day (though, it's kinda a blur since the two events occured within 36 hours of each other). Don't think it happened then.

Hmm. I remember paying bills. Don't think it happened then. I also remember getting a real job, and having to work real hours, but I don't think it happened then.

I remember both pregnancies, the one that ended in a loss, and the one that gave me a beautiful daughter, but it didn't seem to happen then.

So, when exactly did it happen? I'm not an adult. You're kidding me. I have a hard enough time taking care of myself, and now all of a sudden I have to take care of a baby. What in the world!?

I guess it happened so gradually, I didn't notice. Kinda like Ansley's clothes. I haven't noticed her getting bigger, but she is. She still seems like the little 7 lb. bundle I brought home on September 26. But she's not.

And one day, probably when she brings the first boy home, graduates high school or college, gets married and has her first kid, I'll look at her and ask the same thing.

When did she grow up? And it will have happened right before my eyes.

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