Monday, February 7, 2011

this is HUGE


You really have no idea.  Do you remember the Sweet Harper Holidays giveaway?  That was huge. This is, well, off the charts I suppose.

Sweet Harper introduced me to Giddy Up and Grow. Super cute headbands and trinkets. I luff.

Giddy Up and Grow introduced me to Laura Winslow Photography. Aside from having absolutely stunning photographs, LWP has a stellar giveaway for the next week.

Are you ready for this? You may want to go grab an extra pair of pants because you are going to pee your current pair from the excitement. Seriously.

LWP has a giveaway. A giveaway for 61 shops. $2,600 worth of certificates and free goodies. FOR ONE WINNER.  And some of it? Props for photography. Just what a budding photographer might need if she were to, um... try to start something on the side hoping it would turn into something in the front??? Maybe???

So, head on over to Laura Winslow Photography and hit it up. Lots of ways to enter. Lots of goodies to be won.

Don't say I don't watch out for you, m'kay?

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